Elenchus – logical refutation

Elenchus is known for its insight and foresight, and the confidence and expertise that come from decades of experience in energy regulation. We provide utilities with the ability to persuade their regulators and stakeholders of the soundness of their case. To minimize our client's exposure to risk, we stay on top of changes in governmental and regulatory policy.

Elenchus developed Ratemaker and Application Filer, trusted software tools that generate distribution rates for forward test years. Our regulatory team has also developed additional tools to reduce the work required for IRM applications, Lead/Lag and Cost Allocation Studies, and Load Forecasting.

Whether it's CDM or DSM, Conservation is the brave new world for the electricity and natural gas industries. While it may be the cheapest source of energy, there's also a lot of uncertainty about how to achieve and quantify these savings. Elenchus' familiarity with the regulations and guidelines helps utilities get the most out of their current conservation investments. And its expertise in Evaluation, Measurement and Verification ensures that the returns and the rewards can be justified to both funding partners and regulators. The Elenchus team believes conservation will assume even greater importance for utilities in the future, as they work to realize the benefits from the smart grid, renewable energy, and distributed generation.

Utilities are facing regulatory expectations for improved productivity, an aging labour force and infrastructure renewal. Our Performance Management & Human Capital Services group assists clients to understand the changing environment, assess risks and opportunities, and collaboratively develop effective, tailored solutions to improve operations and build knowledge. We work with company boards, executives, management and employees to understand and strategically plan for and implement the Ontario Energy Board’s Renewed Regulatory Framework. Our change management projects with electricity distributors of various sizes have included integrated regulatory and business strategies for productivity and continuous improvement, scorecards, performance management, succession planning, knowledge management and variable incentive pay.

Elenchus offers training and development sessions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the energy industry. We can teach staff how to manage stakeholders and regulators or explain to executives the links between business and regulations.

Elenchus developed and delivers MEARIE's Regulatory Specialist Certificate Program, a program unique to Ontario. Using case studies, this certificate program begins with a review of the principles of economic regulation and delivers an in-depth understanding of how and why regulation is implemented in Ontario.

Elenchus also offers a Smart Grid Strategic Integration Course that delivers a greater understanding of the key elements of smart grid.